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Did you know that beefalo is the only red meat shown to help lower cholesterol?* One of the reasons we choose to raise beefalo is for their nutritional value. The Central Washington University found that beefalo had only 1/3 the palmitic acid content (known to increase LDL) that beef has. [ to top ^ ]

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Chestnut Lot Farm beefalo are naturally-raised with no hormones, antibiotics, or steroids. The majority of the Chestnut Lot Farm’s Beefalo are fullblood beefalo (3/8 bison and 5/8 domestic beef). The balance consists of purebred beefalo, which have slightly less or more Bison content and are approved by the USDA as beefalo beef. They are born and raised on Chestnut Lot Farm. [ to top ^ ]

our beefalo meat

Chestnut Lot Farm beefalo is processed at a USDA certified facility and is cryo-vacuum packed. Some of the cuts available are: hamburger, steaks, roasts, and stew meat.
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beefalo nutritional value

Beefalo compares very favorably to other meat and seafood products. A comparison of nutrition factors for beefalo vs. regular beef is a clear demonstration of the benefits of beefalo:‡

beefalo comparison


nutrient profile of beefalo

Beefalo is the only type of beef recognized by the USDA as having a significantly more healthful-nutrient profile**


Total Fat(g)    6.32   17.37
% of Calories From Fat (%) 30.3 57.3
Total Unsaturated Fat (g) 2.88 8.04



Total Unsaturated Fat(g)    2.68   6.85
% of Calories From Saturated Fat (%) 12.8 22.6
Total Saturated Fat Known to Elevate Serum Cholesterol (g)
10:0, 12:0, 14:0, 16:0
1.40 4.80



    Niacin (mg)   4.89   3.68
    Calcium (mg)  24 9
    Iron (mg) 3.05 2.73
    Potassium (mg) 459  323



Total Protein (g)    30.66 27.33
Calories Food Energy (kcal) 188 273
Total Cholesterol (mg)  58 87


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cooking beefalo

Cut back your cooking time!  This is because Beefalo contains less fat than beef. Fat insulates the meat from cooking, which translates into longer cooking times for regular beef.  You can reduce your cooking time by as much as 25-33%. 

If possible, allow your meat to reach room temperature before the cooking process begins.  As in regular beef, it will continue to cook inside for a few minutes once it is removed from the heat.

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*A university study and published in the AMA Journal: There was a significant drop of 15 points when high cholesterol men ate beefalo compared to eating beef in just 30 days. CWU tested the fat in beefalo to see why the dramatic drop.

‡ 1. Canadian nutrient File, 1983 and/or Nutrient Value of Some Common Foods, 1979
2. Calories and total fat from Agriculture Canada Study 1984
3. Beefalo Meat Test, University of Guelph, December 5, 1985

**-Data From USDA Composition of Foods, Handbook 8-17, 1990
-Data Based on Trimmed, Cooked, Edible products (composite of Cuts)
-Selected Data Calculations Performed by LIVESTOCK RESEARCH & INNOVATION Cheyenne Wyoming