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maple syrup process


maple syrup process

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Maple Syrup

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our maple syrup

The Chestnut Lot Farm is a small producer of maple syrup. In season, as you drive up Main Poland Road, you will see both maple buckets and tubing for the collection of sap from trees. We tap conservatively, using health taps which cut down on the collection of sap, but ensure a healthy tree for now and for future generations. Only new, lead free buckets are used in the collection of sap. [to top ^]


how it's made

Our maple syrup is produced over a wood fired evaporator which we believe provides a rich, bountiful flavored maple taste to our quality product. We cut our own wood for the production of maple syrup.

The sap we boil down is a clear liquid collected from sugar maple trees.  The sap flows best when the nighttime temperatures are in the low 20s and the daytime temperatures are in the 40s.  The average amount of sap required to make a gallon of syrup is 40 gallons.  The weather dictates when the season will begin, how long it will be, and when the sap flows.   Because we never know when we will be boiling sap, we ask you to “Call ahead” to find out our hours of operation. [to top ^]

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